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If you look at my starting point in my “progress pictures” section, you will see how much growth I’ve retained since December 07 to now. Actually, my journey started before December, but I was embarrassed by the state of my uncared for hair, that I did not want to take pictures (I should’ve). When people ask me how did my hair grow so fast, I proudly say by stretching my relaxer. When I was younger I thought it was a rule of thumb to relax the hair every month. Soon as I got some new growth, I’d immediately put in a relaxer. I would often wonder why my hair never seem to grow pass my shoulders. From eye sight, my hair was healthy, full of body, and even. But little did I know I was actually weakening my hair.

The first time I stretched my relaxer it was for 5 months. After getting a relaxer, I was so surprised at the length of my hair and how much naturally thicker it was. My hair is currently sitting about an inch and a half below my shoulders. I’m 3 months (14 weeks) post relaxer. I have so much new growth, but I plan to relax at the end of October.

Word of advice: Stretching too long can cause breakage. Some people can stretch longer than others. It’s best to gradually add a week of stretching at a time if you don’t know how many weeks your hair can take.


After covering the basics of what I do to my hair, I haven’t really been updating. Might I say purposely. When I first started to get my hair back healthy and long, I was so consumed with my hair and always wanted to “play” in it. It can be frustrating when you think that your hair is not growing or not growing at the rate you want it to go. That’s why keeping your mind off your hair (if possible) is important. Stressing can stunt hair growth as well. I can’t say that I was ever a product junkie, but wearing sew ins have helped me not to put so much on my hair and keeping my hands out my hair.

I know grease gets a bad rap, but I’ve been using it forever and my hair has still grown healthy. I don’t use it everyday, maybe every 4-5 days, my hair soaks up moisture. I DO NOT use a whole jar on my scalp at one time. I use a very, very, light amount. A jar probably last 6-7 months for me. I DO, mix the grease with Shea butter and tea tree oil.  I love Softee Coconut Oil and Castor Oil brand.

  • Formulated to minimize breakage and naturally nourish all types of hair, whether natural, relaxed, press, or color-treated.
  • Enriched with 100% PURE castor oil and a blend of healing oils to penetrate the hair shaft, restoring softness and shine for healthy hair.
  • Helps protect your hair from the damaging effects of heat and dryness caused by styling, the sun, chemical treatment and other daily trials.
  • Aids in the daily control of new hair growth and increases body and flexibility.
  • Lubricates your scalp to fight flaking.
  • Formulated especially to enhance and nourish your hair and scalp
  • Contains pure coconut oil and jojoba oil which together make your hair softy and glossy, while protecting your style and keeping your hair moist and healthy
  • Helps prevent dryness, breakage, and split ends
  • Helps protect your hair from daily trials and tribulations (fans, the sun, etc.)
  • Helps control soft, new hair growth
  • Keeps your scalp lubricated and free from unsightly flaking

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