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My Regimen

*Please note that my regimen is pretty consistent, but sometimes I may switch out the products. Like sometimes I may used Suave conditioner instead of V05 conditioner. All the products I used are posted in the “My Products” section. The key to healthy hair growth is wash, condition, and moisturize.*


10/17/2008-In the last couple of weeks, I’ve added and subtracted some things from my regimen. I’ve also decide to keep my previous regimen on here, so you guys can compare the old with the new. I also have a new weave method (quick weave using a shower cap and wig cap). It last for two weeks and the good thing is that the glue is not touching my hair. So below is the steps I do to my hair every two weeks before installing my quick weave.

1. Shampoo my hair with Suave Vibrant Shine Shampoo. I only lather once.

2. I use VO5 moisturizing conditioner (any kind) mixed with shea butter oil. I sit underneath the dryer for 20 minutes. My hair is so soft afterwards.

3. I spray Aphogee Pro Vitamin Leave In conditioner evenly and then detangle my hair from end to roots if needed.

4. I spray oil sheen (Olive Oil or Cantu Shea Butter Oil Sheen) through out the hair. I then apply shea butter oil to my scalp. (it may seem like a lot of oil, but remember my hair is covered for two weeks at a time and I want to make sure that my hair stays moisturize to prevent dryness which leads to breakage.

5. I blow dry (the oil sheen and leave in conditioner works as a heat protectant) my hair.

6. Right now because I have a lot of new growth, I flat iron my hair on a medium setting to make my hair easier to comb. Before I flat iron each section, I spray oil sheen on the hair to make sure my hair is protectant against the heat. I love oil sheen. It’s moisture the hair, add shine, and it’s lightweight.

*If I had a fresh relaxer, I normally would skip the blow drying and flat ironing process and wet wrap my hair and let it air dry with a silk doo rag. I only apply heat to my hair every two weeks, which is not bad.


8/29/08-Like stated, I no longer apply glue to my hair. So I’ve had to update my regimen by just a little. I keep my sew in for 4-6 weeks at a time. Below is the steps I take before installing a sew in.

 1. Shampoo with Suave Tropical Coconut

2. Condition with Suave Tropical Coconut or V05 Passion Fruit Smoothie, let sit for 30 minutes

3. Once a month I deep condition with ORS Replenish Pak.

4. After washing and conditioning, I grease my scalp with Softee Castor or Coconut Oil mixed with Shea butter and tea tree oil.

5. I then apply Cantu Leave in conditioner (I just started doing this) and spray a little Perm Repair Setting lotion.

6. I spray Cantu Oil Sheen over my entire head and work through.

7. Most times, I wet wrap my hair and let it air dry over night with a Doo Rag. However, there are times when I blow dry it right after a wash.

8. I proceed with the braiding and installing process of the sew in.

*I only wash my hair underneath the weave maybe once every two weeks. I mix shampoo and conditioner in a spray bottle and then squirt it on my braids. After that, I squirt water on the braids to get rid of the mixture. Follow by oiling my scalp. Every 3-4 days, I oil my scalps with shea butter oil or spray leave in conditioner on the braids.

I wash my weave and hair separately, because I install 14′ hair and it becomes too much too handle when it’s drenched with water. When I wash the weave, I put the hair in a high ponytail and wash the ponytail only. It’s easier for me that way, plus the fullness and body comes from the ends anyway. I let the ponytail air dry and style how I like.

I do massage my scalp nightly.


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