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Progress Pictures

This page is going to document my hair growth with pictures. In December 07, I decided to cut my damage, uneven hair the same length. This made me at mid neck length. All my life my hair has been shoulder length. But when I discovered weaves, I stop caring for my natural hair underneath. I didn’t care about my hair anymore, because I instantly had long hair. So a few years went by of me simply not caring about the health of my hair. In December 07, I thought “what happened to the girl who cared about her natural hair”. Back in the day, I was really my hair. I decided to then get my hair back on track. I continue to wear weaves, but I educated myself on weaves and hair care in general. Now in July 08, my hair is back to where it’s always been: Shoulder length. Now I’m trying to get my hair longer.

Jan 08-May 08 was a five month stretch without getting a relaxer. I had a lot of new growth hiding. May 30, 08, I finally relaxed my hair. To my surprise, my hair was a little pass my shoulders after the relaxer. July 16, approximately 6 weeks after my relaxer. I’ve attain an inch of new growth. My next relaxer is going to be in September.

The picture on the right is the current length of my hair when wet. That photo was taken July 11, 08. On the left, was how my hair looked wet after stretching a relaxer for 5 months. It was puffy because of all the new growth.

After a wash on July 11. I let my hair air dry over night. I wet wrap it and tie it with a silk scarf, if not my hair would be a puffy mess. Well, when I got up the next morning my hair was a puffy mess. The scarf came off while I was tossing and turning. I normally don’t apply heat to my hair, but I wanted to see how my hair would look straighten (I only straighten the back). I applied Shea butter oil to my hair, especially the ends and then use curlers to straighten my hair ( I don’t own a flat iron). The results were wonderful. The Shea butter had my hair feeling really light. I went to run errands and had to keep checking if my hair was on top of my head.  Yes, it was that light. I used to use grease mixed with oils on my hair before flat ironing when I was wearing my natural hair. My hair felt heavy the first day, but got lighter as the days go by. Grease does weigh the hair down.

My hair has done a complete 360. Stretching my relaxer has helped me to attain a lot of growth in a short period of time. I haven’t had a relaxer in 3 months now. I have a little shrinkage due to the new growth.

Update 9/9/08-My hair is definitely growing in a V shape in the back. It’s a bit uneven because when I was using the glue, I damaged a lot of hair on the left side. It grew back tremendously and I have hope that it will catch up with the rest.


This is 10 months of healthy hair care. I’ve come a long way.


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Girl your hair has done a complete 360! I am suprised I have not heard about your blog until now. Keep us updated!

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